Proving Inadequate Security On Parking Lots

Lots of crimes occur on parking lots, including crimes that could have been prevented with adequate security. Therefore, if you have been assaulted on a parking lot, and you think the attacker pounced on you because the parking lot lacked adequate security, consider holding the owners of the parking lot liable for your injuries. Here are some of the things you can use to prove your claim:

Inadequate Security Lights

Proper use of security lights is one of the ways in which companies prevent crimes on their properties. This works because criminals fear being detected or identified in well-lit areas, so they prefer doing their dirty deeds in the dark. Therefore, if a parking lot sits in the dark and allows criminals to attack you, the managers of the parking lot could be liable for your damages. The same is true if security lights have been installed but they don't light up the whole area because it is huge.

Inadequate Security Personnel

The presence of security lights is not always enough for stopping crime; human guards may also be necessary. The security personnel may come to your rescue if you are hurt or deter those who would harm you. Unfortunately, some places have very few security personnel considering their sizes. If you are injured in such an area, you have a strong premises liability claim if you can prove that you wouldn't have been hurt if security personnel had been patrolling the area.

Malfunctioning CCTV Cameras

There are numerous ways of deterring crime, and the use of CCTV cameras is just one of them. Therefore, the managers or owners of a public building aren't necessarily responsible for your assault just because they haven't installed a CCTV camera system. However, if the management has seen it fit to install CCTV cameras, then it means that they are convinced it can keep crime at bay, and the cameras should always be operational. Therefore, if you are hurt in a parking lot with malfunctioning CCTV camera, you may have a claim against the management. This is especially true if you can prove that the criminal knew the cameras weren't working, and that is why they attacked you.

Numerous Cases of Attack in the Past

Lastly, you may also use the number, nature, and proximity of past attacks in the area to prove your claim against the parking lot managers. A property that has experienced numerous cases of criminal attacks in the past is expected to take more stringent security measures than a property without such a history. In fact, the additional measures should be targeted at preventing similar attacks in the future.

The route your claim will take depends on the circumstances of your injury and the nature of the parking lot. Consult an injury attorney like those at Cascade Law Corporation to help you determine the way forward.

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