Protecting Yourself After Being Terminated From Your Job

If you've been dealt an unexpected blow by having been terminated from your job, there's likely a lot of things running through your head at the moment. The biggest concern is your overall financial loss. A sudden cut in pay can be catastrophic to your household and send you into a tailspin of debt very quickly. If you feel you've been fired for a non-valid reason, it may be time to seek legal counsel. Here are just a few ways that you can protect yourself if you find you're suddenly without a job.

Find A Qualified Attorney

If you feel you were wrongfully terminated from your place of employment, you have every right to fight back. You and your attorney may discuss filing a lawsuit against your previous employer. Reasons for an unlawful firing are limitless but may include:

  • Lack of work availability by the employer
  • Sudden changes in your job description
  • Forcing you to work overtime without getting properly compensated
  • Giving no explanation for your termination
  • Accusing you of breaking the terms of your employment contract

Whether it's a single reason or multiple ones, consulting with a lawyer who specializes in employment law will help give you a good understanding of the next steps to take.

Contact Your Creditors

Once you've been able to analyze your current financial situation, it's time to look at your overall debt. You should always pay your rent or mortgage bill first, followed by food and utilities. If there are other loans or credit cards that have high balances, you'll want to contact them to see if you can skip a payment or defer your payments for a short period of time, until you can get caught up with finances. This will keep your accounts current and prevent them from being turned over to a debt collection agency.

See If You Qualify For Compensation

You may be eligible for Workers' Compensation under Canadian law, but only if you've been injured on the job. If you were injured and then fired, your attorney will take all factors into consideration to see if you can claim compensation and file a lawsuit for unlawful termination. Several factors go into considering if you have a case to build on. A lawyer in your area will go over the best steps to take in your particular case.

Seek Employment

If you're able to work and you're not injured, you should try to seek employment. This may be a requirement by your local unemployment agency in order to receive any type of future benefit payment. Your lawyer will look at your case individually and suggest how getting a new job will affect your lawsuit or unemployment claim.

Losing your job can be devastating, especially if it wasn't your fault. Contact a reputable lawyer right away to see if you can get some help. To learn more, contact a law firm like The Legal Solution Professional Corporation

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